Canadian Prairie Bison

Canadian Prairie Bison Burgers sold at 2010 Olympics

Canadian Prairie Bison was extremely excited about the opportunity to showcase our bison burgers to the world through the Saskatchewan Pavilion at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. The national and international recognition should go a long way in promotion of our Canadian Bison products.

Our producers work very hard to produce an excellent product and the recognition through this Olympic venue was very much welcomed and appreciated.

We viewed many of the comments about the Saskatchewan Pavilion and CPB's burgers, and were very pleased with the majority of them. Our burgers were also "mentioned" in articles in the Wall Street Journal and the Regina Star Phoenix. We hope that all of those that tried the burgers will share the wonderful culinary experince with all of their friends, relatives and co-workers.

Over six hundred cases of our burgers were sold during this event, thats more than 18,000 burgers!