Canadian Prairie Bison


You’re in for a wonderful culinary discovery!  Canadian Prairie Bison is both a healthier – and tastier – choice of meat.  Prepare it as a smart choice in your family meal planning, or as the main entrée for your next dinner party. It’s great for barbecues, too. Regardless of the cut of meat you prefer, you can’t do better than Canadian Prairie Bison.

Coming Soon! Watch for the Coteau Gourmet brand of bison delicacies at your favorite food store. Coteau Gourmet is your guarantee of the very best from Canadian Prairie Bison!

In fact, you can substitute bison in any of your favorite meat recipes.

Better, naturally: Our bison are source verified, and tested to be free of growth hormones and stimulants. They are raised humanely on Canadian ranches in their natural environment.

Healthier than skinless chicken: That’s right! Your bison steak will be lower in fat, calories and cholesterol. Bison is also high in Iron and Vitamin B-12.

Halal prepared: We ensure that humane practices are followed, according to the Muslim faith.

For preparation, cooking and storing instructions, take a look at our cookbook.