Canadian Prairie Bison


Producer Profile - Gilbert and Janice

Gilbert and Janice live in the area of Foxdale, Sk.  They have 3 children; one girl 25, and 2 boys aged 23 and 19.  Currently, Gilbert is president of Canadian Prairie Bison. He first started Bison Ranching in 1999 with feeder bison.  In 2001 they purchased 75 heifers, for first calf crop in 2003. They now have a herd of 250 head female Bison, and custom feed another 100 head.

Being a part of Canadian Prairie Bison has been very beneficial.  In 2000 and 2001 there wasn’t much of a market for Bison meat.  The market was mostly for Bison Heifers at that time. Then with the inception of Canadian Prairie Bison, we were able to increase the market for Bison Bulls.  This has given me, and other producers, more control of the Bison meat market.