Canadian Prairie Bison


As a producer member of Canadian Prairie Bison, you will be associated with a brand of quality and distinction – known throughout Canada and in countries around the world. Your membership entitles you to a full range of marketing services. Benefits include:

  • Membership in Canadian Prairie Bison entitles you access to a full-time Marketing Manager who will Market your animals as per the Pre-Purchase Market Shares.
  • Marketing administration for export and sale of animals, collection of gathering fees etc.
  • Premium prices for your animals.
  • Dividends paid on profitable years.
  • Continual expansion into new markets.
  • Strength in numbers.

Bison producers that are members of Canadian Prairie Bison must feed grain or pellets to the Bison for a minimum of 100 days prior to shipping the animal to slaughter. The bison must not be given any growth hormones or antibiotics.

All animals must have a CFIA tag for traceability.

All of the animals shipped to the US are under 30 months. Older animals that are shipped stay within Canada and are turned into trim.