Canadian Prairie Bison


Demand for bison continues to grow. For more and more restaurant patrons, bison is regarded less as a “specialty item” and more as preference.  Bison is the ideal combination of a healthy eating choice and full-flavour premium grade meat. Having bison on your menu is a clear indication that you’ve gone beyond the ordinary, and are in tune with the changing tastes of your patrons.

The next step is to serve not just bison – but Canadian Prairie Bison.  Our quality standards, natural guarantee and reputation are the gold standard in bison cuisine. Regardless of the cut of meat preferred, you cannot do better than Canadian Prairie Bison.

Served at fine Canadian restaurants in:

British Columbia:  Vancouver
Alberta:  Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Leduc
Saskatchewan:  Saskatoon, Regina, Swift Current, Canwood
Manitoba:  Winnipeg
Ontario:  Toronto
Quebec:  Montreal