Canadian Prairie Bison

Our Story

Canadian Prairie Bison (CPB) is a marketing group that evolved from the Bison Feeder Cooperative of Saskatchewan (formed in 2001).

CPB focuses on:

  • Developing value-added bison products
  • Daily operations , sales and marketing
  • Alliances with other bison marketers
  • Value chain development, from producers through to wholesalers and retailers
  • Engaging advisors as needed

CPB has over 200 members from the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our herds are raised respectfully and humanely, in their natural environment, with no artificial growth or gain enhancers, stimulants or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Each animal’s origin is verifiable.

The result is the healthiest red meat on the market today.

Our Mission

Canadian Prairie Bison strives to be an assertive force from Western Canada, known for worldwide marketing strategies and innovations for Natural Bison raised by our Western Canadian Co-operative members.


“Bison is the meat for the new millennium. Bison meat is fast becoming a desired alternative to beef due to its healthy attributes and nutritional advantages”. – Carter Gooding, bison rancher and Chef de Cuisine

Our Team