Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits


COST: $500.00 non-refundable membership fee



  1. Membership in Canadian Prairie Bison entitles you to access to a full-time Marketing Manager who will Market your animals.
  2. We provide the marketing administration for export and sale of animals, collection of gathering fees and trucking.
  3. Producers are paid premium prices for their animals.
  4. Producer Premiums may be paid out on profitable years.
  5. Continually expanding into new markets.
  6. Strength in numbers.


Bison producers that are members of Canadian Prairie Bison must feed grain or pellets to the Bison for a minimum of 100 days prior to shipping the animal to slaughter. The bison must not be given any growth hormones or antibiotics.


All animals must have CFIA tag for traceability.